Increase Cash Flow Get Better Tenants Build More Equity

Get the support you need to overcome challenges, implement change, and create substantial results at your multifamily property

Strategic Landlord Accelerator is a brand new, affordable online training and coaching program for anyone who is looking for guidance in their business from Dan Lieberman but at a fraction of the cost of consulting.

Membership Includes These Elements:

  • A monthly Masterclass training with actionable strategies to accelerate your busines and your profits.
  • A physical package mailed to your door each month which will include a summary of the Masterclass along with relevant, handpicked content Dan has personally found valuable.
  • A live Q&A and coaching calls each month, where your specific questions are addressed and solutions proposed topressing challenges at your rental properties or in your business.
  • Access to our private, members-only Facebook group for
    sharing ideas and resources.


Learn how to get top dollar for your rentals, remove problem tenants, and meet challenges in today’s market from a seasoned property turn-around specialist.

Are you prepared for a possible downturn in the rental market or to create opportunities from the changes in residents attitudes and expectations due to Covid-19?

Dan gives you a comprehensive training, powerful systems, and the exact strategies to expand sources of income, keep out problem tenants, increase prospect desire for your properties, and much more.

Ready to begin? Schedule a consultation call with me to discuss your current situation and if this program is the right fit for you.

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