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I have been in the business of adding value to rental property for over 30 years. For many years I ran a real estate investment and management company specializing in turning around problem properties – taking a ‘C’ property and transforming it into a ‘B+’ property or better. I’m also the author of 3 books covering topics ranging from property renovation, to marketing and selling, to rental property operations.

I focus on creating value by enhancing the emotional appeal of properties, creating additional income streams, improving operations, adding programs to enhance tenant engagement, and ultimately create units the command higher rents, achieve longer tenancies, and have shorter down times between residents. And I’m here to help you improve the performance of your multifamily housing.

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Are you working too hard for too little? Are you tired of break-even cash flow? Are you ready to achieve better results for your efforts?

How would you like to own multiple rental properties, make money from them, and have lots of spare time in this typically high maintenance business? You can!

With the right management system, long vacancies and high tenant turnover will be a thing of the past.

Discover how the innovative real estate strategies in Dan’s latest book, The Effective Landlord: How Owners and Property Managers Can Attract Better Tenants, Raise Rents, and Boost Their Bottom Line in Any Market, have created success and prosperity for many real estate investors and how these same techniques can help you too.


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Strategic Landlord Accelerator

Strategic Landlord Accelerator is an exclusive monthly coaching + training experience personally designed to incorporate the strategies and tactics you need to improve the performance of your multifamily properties and add value to your real estate.

Get control over your business. Increase your income. Implement new systems and programs. Learn from Dan’s experience and contacts and get ahead of the changes happening now in our industry.

The Accelerator includes brand new trainings along with monthly Q&A with Dan, which has never been offered before. Stop trying to do it all by yourself. Act now and get our special charter member rate.

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I think investing in rental property is one of the best ways to achieve financial success. But once you own the property, how it is managed will be the single most important factor in whether or not you achieve your goals.

Frankly, I have spent many years and millions of dollars learning both what works and what doesn’t work to optimize a property. Why not take my years of learning and experience and turbocharge your progress?

My goal is to help you maximize the property you have – and have an investment that sends you cash flow each month. Many owners do not have the time or experience to maximize the potential of their real estate. And most property management companies deliver subpar performance. This is where I can help.

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strategic landlording

The Strategic Landlording podcast is the best place for real estate investors and property managers to learn how to achieve higher rents, manage operating costs, reduce risk, and maximize rental property ROI.

In each episode, Dan Lieberman and, real-estate insurance expert, Jason Bott, don’t hold back in sharing what they’ve learned from decades of rental property investment, renovation, and management, as well as authorship of multiple books and published articles, conference speaking, and knowledge gained working closely with other real estate experts.

Via co-host discussions, revealing stories, Q&A segments and expert interviews, you will discover specific strategies, key habits, and measurable metrics that will help you turn your properties into winners and put more money in your pocket. Wide-ranging topics include marketing and tenant selection, maintenance tips, property insurance, and high-level finance/tax strategies.

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