Let Me Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Rentals, Remove Problem Tenants, Dominate Your Market, and Start Adding Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars to Your Bottom Line in as little as 60 Days

Dear Friend and Fellow Rental Property Owner,

There have been some MAJOR CHANGES in our economy, in consumer behavior, and in the ways we use technology the past handful of years that have completely and permanently changed the world of rental housing. But most people haven’t changed how they run their rentals or are relying on outdated information. As a result, they get average, or disappointing results. You have available to you a method that can transform the way you do business, and by definition, transform the results you achieve!

Finding and realizing value in a property is at the heart of real estate entrepreneurship. Value can be created in real estate in numerous ways. I’m here to show you methods and techniques that have worked for us to increase the income from rental property and maximize its return in both good and bad markets. These are methods that I’ve refined through many years working on properties that ranged from as small as 6 units to ones nearly 300 units in size while operating as many as 25 of these properties at the same time.

Many people’s fortunes rise and fall at the whim of the market. In a swiftly appreciating market, it seems all you have to do to make money in real estate is buy the property and rent it out. In a declining market, many times it seems the best you can do is hunker down until the market turns. My systems will allow you to keep your buildings full even in bad markets, provide you the means to carry the property, earning income, and allowing you to maximize your profits when the good markets return.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked on hundreds of properties and with dozens of owners to produce consistent, predictable results – including expansion of income sources, improved screening and management techniques that keep out problem tenants, improved curb appeal and increasing desire for their properties, implementing creative cost-saving strategies, and much more.

Tired of just getting by with poor or break-even cash flow? Perhaps it is time to move from ‘passive income’ to actually making some money!

Meet Dan Lieberman

Dan Lieberman is an active real estate investor, writer, and consultant known for his innovative, streetwise approach to property management. Dan has spent the past 3 decades acquiring, renovating, repositioning and managing rental properties from single family homes to large multifamily apartment buildings, for himself, and for his clients and investors.

Dan focuses on creating value by enhancing the emotional appeal of properties, creating additional income streams, streamlining operations, adding programs to enhance tenant engagement, and ultimately create units that command higher rents, achieve longer tenancies and have shorter down times between residents.

Dan has worked in both good and bad real estate markets – and in both good and bad neighborhoods. Like you, he has dealt with tenants who were delinquent on their rent, underperforming property managers, banks that shut down lines of credit, capital expenditures that exceeded original estimates, and vacancy issues that lingered longer than anticipated.

Through all this, Dan Lieberman has become a leading expert helping rental property owners increase their rental income while improving operations and reducing costs in any economic climate. As a property turn-around specialist, Dan Lieberman has had continually asked the question: How does one transform an average or underperforming property into a winner? Dan has seen how real estate has changed over the past three decades. What worked a few years ago may no longer working today.

Dan is president of Milestone Properties, a boutique firm specializing in renovating and increasing the value of apartment properties in the San Francisco East Bay. Mr. Lieberman is the former president of the California Apartment Association, that state’s leading advocate for rental property owners and managers. In addition, Mr. Lieberman has authored numerous articles on rental property renovation, marketing and management, and speaks regularly at industry conferences and educational events.

Prior to renovating and repositioning rental properties, Mr. Lieberman received his degrees in architecture and environmental design. He is a licensed general building contractor. He has also been told he drinks too much coffee.