Allow Me To Help You Get The Greatest Value From Your Rental Property

Real Estate Advisory Services

I continue to test new and improved ideas for increasing income and controlling expenses at our properties and pass what I’ve learned on to you. The combination of actively operating my own properties and coaching professionals throughout the country gives me a unique position to know what is working now and what will work as markets change. My real estate advisory and consulting services will help you and your investment performance tremendously. Below are just a sample of the type of work we can do for you:

Property or Portfolio Consulting

We provide you with a targeted analysis and professional advice on a host of property management issues, contract services, marketing issues, and training issues. This includes an analysis of your market and submarket, a review of your competition and of your current operations to help solve persistent problems and to find unexploited opportunities. We’ll analyze your sales and marketing, amenity programs, and suggest alternative streams of income. We will also perform an expense review and look for ways we can save on costs and boost your NOI.

Turning Around/Repositioning an Underperforming Property

Perhaps your property has become a money pit or is it just underperforming relative to the market. I can provide the help to analyze the problem and create a turn-around plan. We’ll inspect the property and the surrounding area, observe activity, gather information and make conclusions. We’ll consult you and advise you in all areas of this critical, but time-consuming, part of the investment process. We’ll give you the information you need to confidently move forward, or in extreme cases, to cut your losses.

If you use a fee management company, we can act as your representative to review your management company’s practices. We’ll audit the financials and do a review of expenses billed to the property.

How to Work With Dan

Frankly, I have spent many years and millions of dollars learning both what works and what doesn’t work. Why not take my years of learning and experience and turbocharge your progress. My goal is to help you maximize the property you have – and have an investment that sends you cash flow each month. Many owners do not have the time or experience to maximize the potential of their real estate. And most property management companies deliver subpar performance. This is where I can help. I have helped clients substantially increase revenues and net operating income, reposition their properties, and gain new insights that have helped them greatly increase their results while taking far less time.

Clients range from owners of a single multi-unit property to investment funds and organizations with large portfolios. Whatever their size, what they all had in common was a core desire to:

  • Grow Profitability
  • Offer a more desirable product that commands higher rents
  • Create more personal time, space, and freedom

If you desire a day of strategic planning and review of your portfolio, Inquire by sending an email to