The Strategic Landlording podcast is the best place for multifamily real estate investors and property managers to learn how to achieve higher rents, manage operating costs, reduce risk, and maximize rental property ROI.

In each episode, industry expert Dan Lieberman shares what he’s learned from his decades of rental property investment, renovation, and management experience. He shares the successful tips and
strategies from his own work and through in-depth conversations other industry experts.

Via discussions, revealing stories, Q&A segments and expert interviews, you will discover specific strategies, key habits, and measurable metrics that will help you turn your properties into winners and put more money in your pocket. Wide-ranging topics include marketing and tenant selection, maintenance tips, and high-level finance/tax strategies.

By listening to this podcast, you will learn how to:

  • Market your property to attract crowds of qualified prospects
  • Keep good tenants happy and get rid of problem residents
  • Reduce your liability risk and save on insurance
  • Screen out bad tenants
  • Double your monthly cash flow
  • Minimize your chance of getting sued
  • Get residents to work with you to reach your real estate goals faster
  • Find the hidden wealth in your property and generate disproportionate returns
  • Staying ahead of your competition
  • Profit in good and in bad real estate markets

Learn and master the skills to grow your rental property business now.